The Amur Strategic Research Group was formed to provide an exclusive venue for top thinkers to communicate their ideas and share their work. Business, Finance, Intelligence, Foreign Policy, Consulting, Image Engineering and many other fields are represented among the members of the ASRG. Below is the first work to be made publicly available by the group.

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The official Grey Line Book site will be up shortly but until that time feel free to contact the author through the Grey Line: Modern Corporate Espionage and Counterintelligence Facebook page or via twitter @Thegreylinebook! Follow us online and stay tuned for more exciting updates.

The Grey Line: Modern Corproate Espionage and Counterintelligence

The latest work by Andrew Brown, The Grey Line, is the culmination of far reaching research and experience in the field of private intelligence. The main focus of the book is to offer a rare look at the covert world of corporate espionage and direct actions. Corporate espionage regularly costs companies around the world hundreds of billions of dollars a year and yet is still one of the most under reported facets of the modern business and intelligence world. In the Grey Line the author details how private spies are trained, how they are recruited, who hires them, how they operate in the field, who they target, how vulnerable employees are selected and turned, how secure corporate systems are breached, how spies are increasingly being used to conduct direct attacks against competitors on behalf of their clients and what companies and individuals can do to protect themselves from this threat. This long awaited examination of a critical yet still obscure field of modern business practice will be available soon from the Amur Strategic Research Group.